Ben Detalle

Hi, I'm Ben Detalle 👋

Welcome!So, a little about me...I am a seeker of wisdom and want to help others with what I find.I believe that our limited time here on earth is precious. There is more to life than material wealth and the 9 to 5. Life is hard but life is also beautiful.And you are unique.You can read my short-form stuff on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.I also write the Seeking Wisdom newsletter, where I share weekly doses of wisdom straight to your Inbox every Saturday morning.Subscribe now for free:

Previously, I worked as a Product Manager in the start-up and mobile-games industries. I also co-ran a stop-motion animation studio called Ant House Studio.If you want to talk in person, go ahead and schedule a call.I look forward to meeting you,Ben

What am I doing now?

Updated 18th Oct '23I'm working on my Seeking Wisdom newsletter.

Thank you!

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